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MARCH, 2018

Air Taxi

Flying a car, like the Jetsons was a far-fetched childhood dream.  Recent headlines about NASA and other renown companies such as Bell Helicopter, Embraer just to name a few have teamed up with Uber to move forward the elements necessary to push personal urban mobility air vehicles into reality.  Uber Elevate will change the way we transport, vacation and simply live our day to day activities.

Although the idea is phenomenal and exciting the air traffic control systems, software, hardware the legal ramifications of this new mode of transportation still contains many unsettled issues. To counteract uneasy sentiments Uber has signed a Space Act Agreement to create a new air traffic control system, managing these low-flying “cars”. 

Uber will be hosting their yearly Summit in Los Angeles for 2018. They will be addressing additional information regarding their advancements on the project. It is said that LA will be one of the first to begin the test rides as early as 2020.

Uber has signed a Space Act Agreement to create a new air traffic control system

I would ride the “flying taxi”, would you? Crossing our fingers that Uber Elevate will continue to advance smoothly with no turbulence.


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