Fastest Passenger Plane In The World?


APRIL, 2018

Fastest Plane In The World?

The newest business jet details finally released by Dassault. The Falcon 6X is a replacement for the 5X that was canceled due to developmental delays. Chairman and CEO Eric Trappier said he had “no choice but to stop the 5X program to find the best possible engine.”

 Customers have responded very well to the 6X upgrades and improvements. Those that didn’t want to “wait” switched from the 5X to 7X and 8X but some are in contract negotiations now to switch to the 6X. The price for this beauty is a merely $47 millions”. 

Imagine flying in your jet non-stop from Moscow to New York, Paris to Beijing, Los Angeles to London in pure comfort. The 6X’s maximum range is 5,500 nm (10,186 km). Its maximum speed is Mach .90. It can fly at Mach .85 for non-stop flights up to 5,100 nm (9,445 km).

The cabin height in the Falcon 6X is 6-feet, 6-inches and 102-inch-wide cross section, the largest on the market. The 6X cabin is the tallest and widest in any purpose-built business jet. It gives you more personal space to sit or stand.

“It can fly at Mach .85 for non-stop flights up to 5,100 nm (9,445 km)”

Dassault is scheduling the Falcon 6X to by in full service by 2022. Show of hands of who wants one? Yea, me too… one could dream right. After all, it doesn’t cost anything to dream in the clouds.

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