Milestones II


Size Proportion: 30 x 60. Canvas Only

Milestones II chronicles many of the groundbreaking achievements in the worlds of flight, aerospace, science, engineering, astronomy and physics, that have lifted us from the surface of earth and into the stars.

The historical elements include a vintage telescope, the DaVinci Airscrew, Charles Lindbergh and Robert Goddard Airmail stamps, a micrometer and slide rule, the GE J-47 Turbojet, Lunar Rendezvous calculations and drawings, diagrams and calculations of the Hohman Transfer Orbit, the Classical Angular Momentum formula, Apollo 11 orbital profiles, a compass, the mathematics of orbit, a sketch of the boundary layer with a wing segment, a PC board and the Spiral Galaxy M-101.

The milestones, aircraft, spacecraft and events include the Wright Brothers 1st flight with the Wright Flyer – 1903. The Fokker T-2/F.IV – 1923. The Curtiss NC-4 – 1919. The Douglas World Cruiser – 1924. The Stout/Ford 2-AT Pullman – 1925. The Ryan NYP – Spirit of St. Louis – 1927. The Goodyear Zeplin USS Macon – 1931. The Boeing 314 Pacific Clipper – 1938. The North American P-51 Mustang (in the Tuskegee Airmen livery) – 1940. The Sikorsky VS 300 – 1940. The Bell X-1 – 1947. The Lockheed/Skunkworks U-2 – 1955. The Boeing 707 – 1957. The North American X-15 – 1959. The Mercury Redstone 3 – Freedom 7 – 1961. Lockheed Skunk Works SR-71/A-12 – 1962. The Gemini capsule in orbit – 1965. The Apollo 11 liftoff and the Lunar Module ascent – 1969. Buzz Aldrin’s footprint and flag on the lunar surface – 1969. The Concorde – 1969. The Boeing/McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier – 1981. The Scaled Composites Voyager – 1984. The International Space Station – 1988. The Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey – 1989. The Hubble Space Telescope – 1990. SpaceShipOne – 2004. Space Shuttle (Discovery) 120 Launch – 2007. The SpaceX Falcon 9 – 2010. The SpaceX Falcon Heavy – 2018. The SpaceX Starship - 2023

It may take a while to find each and every image included, so an index showing where each element included is provided. You can see the index if you scroll through the imagery.

The artwork is a custom produced giclee on canvas. It is individually hand embellished and signed by Frank Martin. Each canvas will be customized to add an additional element of your choice that is applicable to the theme of the painting. A certificate of authenticity is included. The canvas is rolled and ready to frame. We include a certificate of authenticity and carefully pack in a heavy-duty tube. Shipping for continental USA included. Please call or e mail for shipments outside of the USA.

When you place your order, please add a comment or send us an e mail at indicating what you would like to see included in your print. Each added element will be then included in future versions.

Price for each: $ 2,750.00

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