Over the Trenches – World War I



This colorful abstract painting represents some of the variety of aircraft used during World War I. Aircraft development was in it’s infancy and fighter aircraft developed rapidly. Early in the war, aircraft were merely used as spotters, soon they carried rifles, then the rifles were incorporated into the aircraft, then they started shooting at each other! The era of dogfighting was born. Scenes of aircraft battling each other “over the trenches” became epic duels of men and machines. Aircraft featured here include: the Spad XIII, Sopwith Camel, Neiuport 11, Fokker DR1 B, Albatros DVa and the Fokker DR1s.

Fine Art Prints: Includes additional 1″ white border.

Canvas Prints: Includes additional 3″ mirrored border to facilitate gallery wrapping.

All prints are shipped rolled, tubed and ready to frame.

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Weight 2 lbs